Intellectual Property

Protection of your intellectual assets. Patents, trademarks, industrial designs, plant varieties, copyright, related rights, industrial secret, others.


Intellectual Property Licensing and Technology Transfer

We give advice you to achieve the proper use of an exclusive right of others, avoiding litigation and future costs.


Patent Search & Drafting

For those ones who request a patent regarding their technology, this service is the right one, as they will have the clearest picture of the process.


Technological Surveillance

Information is important for making a decision and an organized management of it causes success in your endeavors.


Intellectual Property Litigation

We accompany you to the front of all the judicial and administrative conflicts that your company or business experiences.



El conocimiento y la tecnología son piezas poderosas en una empresa o institución y hay que saber cuánto vale.


Unfair Competition

We give advice on advertising law, unfair competition, free competition.


Fashion Law

The fashion industry is no stranger to us and, therefore, we provide 360° advice for the various aspects that are involved.


Maintenance & Rewewal - Annuity Provider

Our team is responsible for ensuring that your intellectual property rights are preserved and / or renewed. We are a provider with the best rates and a great quality of service.


Competitive Funds & Financing

We help you to win national and foreign financing calls.


Freedom to Operate

La industria de la moda no es ajena a nosotros y, por ello, proveemos de una asesoría 360° para los diversos aspectos que se involucren.


Cobranza judicial y extrajudicial

Garantizamos los niveles más altos de servicio, mediante la correcta y eficiente atención personalizada optimización de procesos y gestión de promesas de pagos de tus clientes.