New Common Country Brand Regime approved by the Andean Community

The Andean Community Commission (CAN) approved a few days ago a rule called Andean Decision 876 “Common Country Brand Regime” with the aim of establishing a common regime for the protection of country brands of member countries, such as: Peru , Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador.

The country brand aims to promote gastronomy, culture, national production, exports or investments. Decision 876 establishes the procedure by which the member countries have a participatory role, likewise, the application model is stipulated in the fourth final provision of the aforementioned standard. Some of the most relevant aspects of the country brand are that it has an indeterminate validity, it is exempt from administrative costs, it is not subject to any requirement of use as a condition to maintain its protection, and each country will determine the policies for the use of the respective country brand.

It should be noted that this standard has been promoted by our country, which has become a pioneer in the world regulatory field. The “Common Regime on Country Brand” standard will allow the Peru Brand to position itself on an international scale, the same that has been part of political, social and economic implementation in our country.

It is necessary to indicate that this norm has marked a great normative advance because to date no common regime had been implemented in this regard.

To access the full text of the Decision here


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